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Wellshot IR Velocimeter, the ballistic chronograph to measure the velocity of your air gun. Wellshot IR Velocimeter is mainly used for object acceleration and velocity measurement, individual users can use it to measure the design speed of all kinds of shooting playthings.

  • Aluminum alloy, stainless steel material, support rod, velocity measurement, energy measure, speed energy, looking through record and view average.
  • Wellshot IR Velocimeter is made in India, with concise and practical, accurate and durability for the purpose.
  • It is mainly used to learn and experience the ability of the SCM to process data at high speed, and it can measure the flying speed of various projectiles. Such as: table tennis, badminton, bow, arrows, physical acceleration experiment, projectile free fall experiment, nerf playthings speed measurement, children’s soft playthings, etc.
  • The core components are industrial-grade package, stable performance, small error.
  • Wellshot IR Velocimeter can measure the speed of 1 to 999.9 meters per second projectile with accurate speed.
  • The utility model has the advantages of large effective induction area, convenient use and high sensitivity.
  • Strong adaptability to ambient light, indoor and outdoor can be used during the day and night.
  • Can save 20 sets of data, you can see the average.
Voltage: DC 6V
Battery(not included): 4 x AA battery
Working Temperature: -30℃ – 60℃
Accuracy: test error ≤0.5%
Measuring Range: 1-3000 M/S(FPS range 30-9000)
Standard tripod can be used to mount the velocimeter. Wellshot IR Velocimeter does not come with tripod and batteries. They are to be purchased seperately.
Wellshot IR Velocimeter is infrared radiation type, the light source has been integrated in the machine, no external light source. Recommended for use in low light environments. The darker the ambient light, the better the machine performance. For outdoor use and strong light conditions, a light shield must be added.
When measuring the speed of the projectile with higher speed. Please take appropriate protective measures. In order to avert the rebound of the projectile after hitting the machine and causing damage.
Observe the marking on the left and right sides of the light bar when installing, and the strip with the light is facing down.

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Weight630 kg
Dimensions40 × 11 × 11 cm



IR Velocimeter

Suitable For

Air Rifle, Air Pistol, .22 LR

Power Supply

6V DC, 4 AA size batteries (not included)

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