Wellshot eyeCON MKI Shooting Monocle Frame


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Your individual, improved spectacle lens is put in the eyeCON MKI frame. With the help of a set adapter, a guide rail and a clamp, the eyeCON MKI frame is mounted centrically in front of the sight disc or the iris disc. Therefore, your sight defect is corrected directly on the iris disc, conse-quently aiming mistakes are avoided to a large extend. Suitable for diopter of Anschütz, Feinwerkbau, Walther, TESRO, Hämmerli, Centra, MEC, TEC-HRO. Only spectacle lenses with an outer diameter of 21 mm can be used.

  • The Monocle allows mounting already existing correction lens to your rear-sight
  • Thanks to variable positioning on the stainless steel guide rail. You are able to adjust the distance of the glass
  • The exact fit in the center of the sighting line promises many advantages
  • 21 mm lens holder


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