STANLEY STHT36125-812 3 Meter Plastic Short Measuring Tape (Yellow)


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  • This 3m tape is yellow in colour and ensures the matchless performance. It is long lasting, durable and easy to use. It comes in yellow color with an elegant design.
  • Ensures the matchless performance
  • Gives accurate measurements
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Stanley-short tape rule: Flexible tape with ergonomic groove
  • Package Contents: 1 Plastic Case Tape
  • Limited lifetime warranty offered on the product
  • For any warranty related issues or product feedback, please feel free to contact us through our customer care number on: [ 1860-425-1111 ] between 10AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday (except government holidays)

High Quality Measuring Tape for Professional and Household Use
STANLEY has a reputation for excellence, reliability, and innovation. It manufactures high quality hand tools and power tools which are engineered for precision and durability. This compact measuring tape is ergonomically designed to provide precise measurements of up to 3 meters. It comes in a rugged plastic case, which makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Firm 3-meter Extension
This compact measuring tool features a flexible 3-meter-long extension tape that stays firm when suspended. The measurements are marked in centimeters to provide precise and accurate readings.

Durable Plastic Body
The measuring tape is enclosed in a durable plastic case to ensure long-term durability. It increases the shelf-life of the tape. It also makes the tape suitable for industrial and professional use.

Metallic Hook
The tape has a metallic hoop in the front. This allows the user to hook the tape onto the edge of any surface. The hoop can withstand pressure when the tape is grasped on one end and pulled to the other.

Safety Lock Button
The plastic case comes with a safety lock button attached to the tape. This button helps the user in locking the tape at a particular measuring length in order to prevent it from getting retracted.

Extremely Flexible
The measuring tool features a flexible tape that is made using sleek and curved metal. This feature enables the user to comfortably bend the tape for marking measurements with high accuracy and precision.

68 mm Carry Buckle
The back of the measuring tape features a 68 mm utility buckle. The buckle can be attached to a tool belt or trouser pocket for easy portability and quick accessibility. This makes the tool conveniently portable.

Ergonomic Design
The protective case is ergonomically designed with a patented yellow and black colour combination. The yellow tape has clear markings in black and red to make it easier for the user to mark the measurements.

Ideal for Professional and Domestic Use
The 3-meter measuring tape is ideal for various household and professional applications. It can be used in construction and civil work sites for measuring short distances. It has a compact and durable design that makes it easy to use.

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