SDB Sniper Nitro .177 Cal Air Rifle


  • The latest induction in the SDB portfolio.
  • Amazing craftsmanship and accuracy are the forte of SNIPER NITRO.
  • It comes with world class modular two stage trigger.
  • It has all the feature that suits the user across the age.
  • It can be used by both left handed and right handed too.


SDB SNIPER NITRO IS BREAK BARREL AIR RIFLE WITH Seasoned Wood. It it Spring Operated Air Rifle Shoots .177 Caliber Lead Pellet up to 950 feet per second.

The majority of adult spring piston air rifles have what is known as a “Two Stage” trigger. The first “stage” is merely a predetermined amount of take-up or slack preparatory to the last or “second stage” which is the left-off or actual firing stage.

The trigger pull setting as it comes from the manufacturer is usually the best for the air rifle in question and should not be lightened.

SDB SNIPER NITRO has match grade trigger which is set at 900 to 1000 gms. (<2.22 lbs ). The trigger pull weight can be increased/decreased by screwing/unscrewing the adjuster screw beneath rear part of trigger box. Please ensure that the finger does not touch the trigger needlessly and maximum caution is observed.

Keep the air rifle at SAFE direction until you’re ready to shoot, then push the safety OFF.

Additional information

Weight6 kg



.177 Cal


Sniper Nitro


Black, Rifled

Loading Action

Break Barrel

Power Plant

Nitro Piston

Trigger Mechanism

Mechanical, Two Stage


1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Return Policy

Non Returnable

Country Of Origin



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