Lyca Gun Oil 60ML


  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Cleans, Lubricates, Protects


Lyca Gun Oil is made for all guns, quick and easy to use, it will help your firearm have a long lasting, well performing life. Lyca Gun Oil is an all-weather, environmentally friendly lubricant. Great for general lubrication on all sporting arms such as pump, over/under and side by side shotguns, bolt and lever action rifles and revolvers. This oil is odorless which makes it ideal for use on firearms.

Prevents jamming and overheating, resists evaporation and penetrates rust freeing stuck parts and actions. Polymeric film protects from rust, wear and moisture and makes copper, lead and wad fouling much easier to clean. It neutralizes acids from fingerprints and resists drying for long term storage use.

Cleans – Removes caked dirt, oil, grease, fouling and dust, Helps prevent jams and malfunctions caused by dirt, Breaks down and removes carbon & rust.

Lubricates – Resists evaporation, separation and gumming, Oil penetrates into the tiniest nooks, gaps and spaces coating all moving parts, Maintains slickness in extreme heat and cold.

Waterproofs- Displaces moisture to prevent rust, Does not breakdown with water, sweat or humidity.

Conditions – Keeps bore like new, promoting consistent accuracy, Keeps all metal, wood, plastics and polymers fresh, clean, shiny and new.

Protects – Coats & protects all parts during use or storage, Long lasting – less applications, Prevents rust, corrosion and pitting, Does not attract dust or dirt.

  • Odorless, a must for hunting firearms
  • Great for use on compound bows
  • An excellent general purpose household lubricant
  • Superior to any competitors oil products, at a lower cost

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