JSB Match Diabolo Heavy .177 Cal Air Pellet


  • .177 Cal, 4.50mm, 8.26 gr.
  • Suitable for air rifle.
  • 500 ct. in a tin.
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JSB Match Diabolo Blue Heavyweight match pellets are perfect for shooters that are serious about 10m competition and want a pellet as accurate as their gun. No worries with these pellets about a bent skirt or weight deviation. These heavyweight wadcutters are hand-sorted with a magnifying glass to ensure exceptional quality. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, they weigh in at exactly 8.26 grains each and have a head size of 4.50 mm. Choose these pellets for 10m Rifle competitions.

JSB pellets have an international reputation for high quality. Generally speaking, most air guns will deliver better accuracy when a JSB pellet is used.

Additional information

Weight0.29 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 9 cm

.177 Cal




S100 Heavy Weight

Precise Cal

4.48mm, 4.49mm, 4.50mm

Pellet Weight

8.26 gr, 0.535 g

Country Of Origin

Czech Republic


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