.177 Cal Cleaning Cotton Pellet (Box of 100)


  • Great for a quick clean
  • Made with high quality felt
  • Works perfectly with any .177 cal gun
  • Pack of 100 pellets
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These .177 caliber cleaning cotton pellets are the answer to your airgun barrel cleaning needs! Ideal for any type of pellet gun, they quickly, easily, and effectively remove dirt, debris and lead build-up from your gun’s barrel, so you can enjoy accurate shooting all season long—as well as prolong the life of your gun. They’re great when you don’t have a lot of time to clean your barrel, and they work especially well for guns with a barrel design that makes it difficult or impossible to use a traditional cleaning rod or flexible pull-through cleaning kit.

  • EASY & CONVENIENT: Simply slide a few pellets into the barrel, then shoot or push them through to rid the barrel of grime and lead residue.
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: Super-absorbent pellets get your barrel shiny and squeaky clean, ensuring your gun will maintain its accuracy and velocity for the long haul.
  • GREAT FOR A QUICK CLEAN: When you don’t have time to lug out the cleaning rod and brush, these cleaning pellets will get the job done in next to no time.
  • MADE WITH HIGH-QUALITY FELT: The ultra-absorbent, high-density felt used in these pellets will stand up to the rigors of a dirty barrel with no problems, and leave no trace.
  • WORKS PERFECTLY IN ANY .177 CAL GUN: These cleaning pellets are designed to effectively clean any .177 caliber pellet gun. They’re especially handy for cleaning guns with a barrel design that makes it difficult or impossible to use a rod or pull-through kit.

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