Umarex Legends S25 revolver is truly a great high-quality revolver made to very high standards in all-metal, with a shiny nickel-plated finish which gives it a great appearance, and a heavy weight for a very realistic shooting experience.

The pistol is powered from a 12g Co2 capsule which is housed within the grip on the frame so you can't tell its an air pistol from the exterior appearance. The cylinder which holds the metal shells is full metal each for one pellet, and revolves just like the real thing on each cock of the hammer.

The trigger can either be repeatedly pulled to fire off the 6 shots as quickly as possible, or the hammer cocked, then the trigger pulled for a lighter and more precise trigger feel. The rear sight is adjustable that can be fine tuned for your requirements so that you can be on target each time. The steel rifled barrel ensures great accuracy, and the barrel lock serves as a safety when pushed in the opposite direction.

Technical Data
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet
Max. Velocity 377 FPS
Magazine Capacity 6 shots
Trigger Double action
Blowback No
Material Full metal
Weight 855 g

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Legends S25 2.5"

  • Brand: Umarex
  • Product Code: S25
  • Availability: Delivery in 30 - 45 Days
  • ₹41,811.00

  • Ex Tax: ₹35,433.05

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