founder Hello, I’m Sourav Koley. I’m the founder of Wellshot Sports Innovations and it’s a real pleasure to meet you. This page is not only about us but also why us.

Thank you for showing interest in us and our products.

At Wellshot Sports Innovations, we manufacture premium quality shooting sport accessories and equipments and other maintenance kits. We trade in wholesale as well as in retail.

Needless to say, shooting sport is an elite but expensive sport throughout the globe, not only in India. Most of the equipments and accessories are expensive as we, shooters need to import them from other countries. As a result, we noticed many aspirant shooters couldn’t showcase and/or improve their talents on various competitions.

That’s when we came into the picture. We decided to manufacture the equipments locally. Thus, making them inexpensive, so that aspirant shooters can afford them and improve their skills with more ease.

Though we are manufacturing the accessories and equipments locally, we are always very cautious during the process so that our products must meet the quality standard. We strictly follow the standard set by ISSF while manufacturing any of our product. We buy raw materials from renowned suppliers and produce our products with such care as if we are going to use them ourselves. Doubtless to say, we, manually check the quality of each and every product we produce.

We do not claim to be cheapest like few other websites we noticed, because we understand that cheapest things may be affordable but in the long run, especially in a precision sport like shooting, quality comes first. We ensure to provide the best possible quality products in affordable price.

We are not perfect yet. We will love to hear feedbacks from you so that we can improve ourselves and take another step towards perfection. Feel free to send us your feedback at

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